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Trading standards

Trading standards serves the local community by promoting a safe and equitable trading environment, encouraging good business.

Trading standards aim to provide a free, impartial, professional, accessible and confidential advice and assistance service to residents of and visitors to the Isle of Anglesey on any problems associated with consumer matters.

When we can help you

  • we will provide advice and information regarding consumer rights over the telephone, in writing or in person
  • we will visit consumers at their home when appropriate
  • we will negotiate a settlement in disputes between consumers and retailers in an unbiased and fair manner
  • we will identify any unfair or illegal trading practices and refer them to the enforcement section for investigation
  • we will educate consumers and businesses as to their rights and obligations under consumer civil law

When we cannot help you

  • we can advise and assist in the preparation of a claim but we cannot take the court action on a person’s behalf
  • we can advise where there is a dispute between trader / trader, but cannot intervene or negotiate a settlement
  • we are not in a position to offer judgement on a particular company’s trading practices unless that information is already in the public domain

Our service standards

  • we will respond to all written complaints within 3 working days
  • we will complete at least 85% of complaints within 2 months
  • we will update complainants on ongoing matters every 21 days

Situations where we could help

  • I’ve bought an unroadworthy car from a garage - what are my rights?
  • the double glazing I had installed 6 months ago is letting in water, but the company who fitted them are refusing to help - what should I do?
  • the TV I bought is faulty - I didn’t buy a guarantee at the time, could I still get it fixed?
  • I keep getting junk mail through the post - can you tell me who can stop this?
  • I can’t get my builder back to finish a job on my house - the roof is now leaking because of his negligence - could I get another builder in to fix the damage?

How to contact us

You can contact us by phone, fax, email, in writing or in person.

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