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Isle of Anglesey County Council

Single Person Discount Review

The Council is undertaking a review of council tax discounts and records show that some people have been receiving a 25% discount off their council tax bill because they have previously told us that they are the sole adult occupant living at the property.

To ensure that the discount is being claimed correctly, we are conducting an extensive review of households where a single person discount is currently awarded. We are working in partnership with a reputable external contractor, Datatank Ltd, who are managing this review on our behalf.

The review will involve performing further and more detailed checks on household residency which will include checking data from other sources and reviewing details from credit reference agencies.

If you have had a letter regarding your review and wish to complete the form online please click the link below (please ensure you have the letter with you or have a copy of your unique PIN number provided on the letter):-

Single persons discount review online form

Before you confirm your details you should be aware that:-

  • You must always tell the Council within 21 days if your circumstances change, this includes letting the Council know about other people that live at this address.
  • If you fail to provide the information requested, the Council can impose a penalty
  • If you deliberately give false information you may be liable for a civil penalty or prosecution by the Council under the Theft Act

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