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Isle of Anglesey County Council

Gwalchmai Household Waste Recycling Centre - reopening information

There are two ways to book your visit to Gwalchmai Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC):

  • online - please see below for details
  • telephone the Waste Management Team on (01248) 752860

Please note, the site is still closed on weekends at present.

In order to ensure the health and safety of both the public and staff at all times during visits to Gwalchmai, we have introduced the following strict conditions:

Important matters to consider before visiting Gwalchmai HWRC

Do not visit if you or anyone in your household is self-isolating, has symptoms of Covid-19 or is currently shielding.

  • you must only visit if you cannot safely store your waste/recycling at home. Only go if it is essential
  • Gwalchmai is open Tuesday to Friday, 10am to 2.30pm
  • we are now in a position to allow all types of vehicles / trailers to enter the site i.e. permit and non-permit type
  • if you believe that your vehicle / trailer requires a permit please contact the Isle of Anglesey’s Waste Management Team on 01248 752860 or read our web page
  • we are now allowing an additional person to visit the site with the driver of the car (2 per car) to unload items when on site. Please note, if there are more than 2 people in the car e.g. families with young children, you will be allowed to visit the site but only 2 people are permitted to exit the vehicle. Failure to comply could lead to you being asked to leave the premises


The following conditions will apply for all small domestic type trailers: 

  • the trailer cannot be longer than 1.8m in bed length
  • the vehicle pulling the trailer must be a standard type domestic car only. If the vehicle pulling the small domestic type trailer is a commercial type vehicle under the Council’s formal definition, then you will not be granted access to the site
  • if you are bringing heavy items and unable to dispose of the items yourself, please try and bring someone with you to assist. Help will not be provided by site staff due to Covid 19 restrictions 

If you require further information, please see the Reycling Permit Scheme. 

Reaching the Gwalchmai HWRC - LL65 4PW

  • there are likely to be queues at the recycling centre due to limits on the number of people allowed inside at any one time and additional checks
  • you will not be admitted on site without a valid booking reference or if you fail to meet any of the other access criteria noted above
  • please adhere to the traffic management system and signage instructions

On the Gwalchmai HWRC Site

  • please adhere to the traffic management system and  signage instructions on site
  • it is essential that you remember to observe social distancing and any other safety messaging in place.
  • our staff will not be able to help you with any manual handling (only bring items you can lift and manoeuvre safely yourself)
  • please be patient and respect the staff working at the centre at all times

Householders will not be allowed on site to deposit their waste if they fail to adhere to the conditions of use in place. 

Booking your visit online

Due to technical reasons the available slots within each half hour time frame are taking a longer to display than normal.

Once you have selected your time and date please be patient, the slots will appear shortly. We apologise for any inconvenience and our supplier is currently investigating this.

  • householders will be able to make online bookings via ‘My Account’ on this website
  • householders will be able to book at any time of the day to visit Gwalchmai HWRC the following day. Please note, the site is still closed on weekends at this moment in time
  • you must have an existing ‘My Account’ or create a new account to make an online booking. Guidance on how to register is available - Register with ‘My Account’
  • if you have already registered with ‘My Account', please use the link below. Please note: the booking form is not available on AppMÔN
  • guidance on filling in the form is available
  • Important: when filling the form your address should be entered automatically. If it does not appear, please type in your post code (not your address) and choose your address from the drop-down list. Please enter your post code in the format LL77 7TW, leaving a space between the two parts of the post code
  • Important: at the end of the form a summary sheet will appear so that you can double check if everything has been inputted correctly. Once you are happy, please click 'Submit' to complete your service request. Once you have clicked 'Submit', a green message will appear on the right corner of your screen to confirm that it has been submitted. Please note this is not your confirmation of your place. You will get an e-mail in due course to confirm whether you have a place or not
  • should you be using a mobile device, please turn the phone on its side so that you can better view the instructions and 'Submit' button 
  • Important: you will receive an email along with a reference number to say if your application is successful. Please do not use the confirmation message following the completion of this application as approval for the application
  • if you notice that there are no slots available, then all will have been booked. Please keep trying in case of rejected applications
  • online pre-booked visits will be capped each day to meet health and safety requirements
  • only one visit will be allowed per household during this initial opening stage 
  • please ensure you arrive on time – please do not arrive earlier / later than your allocated slot
Book a visit to Gwalchmai HWRC

It is very important that we protect staff and visitors at the HWRCs. We are using this appointment system to ensure we are able to manage a safe number of vehicles/householders each day and maintain social distancing requirements. The limited number of appointments available each day will help keep everyone safe, reduce congestion and minimise queues.

To book a slot you must create an account on the Isle of Anglesey County Council’s website and complete a booking application.

The number of slots are very limited and therefore your application may unfortunately be unsuccessful. Please read the terms and conditions very carefully as non-compliance will mean you will not be able to enter the site.

This is an online application process only at the current time. This is the safest and most efficient way of monitoring the amount of applications we receive during this initial opening phase. The Council will look at other booking options in the near future.

Each household is allowed one visit, to try and make sure that as many householders as possible have the opportunity to dispose of their excess waste.

Yes – we will check your registration number against the booking. Please note that cars only will be accepted – trailers (of any size) or any commercial type vehicles (vans, pick-ups etc. even with existing permits) will not be allowed access into Penhesgyn HWRC during this initial opening phase.

If you miss your appointment, unfortunately you will have to reapply for a booking slot for another day.

The centre is located on the A5, just outside of Gwalchmai on the Holyhead side of the village. It is accessible from the A55 (Junction 5).

The post code is LL65 4PW

  • Please arrive as close to your time slot as possible, to avoid queues
  • Stay in your car with your windows up until staff direct you to drive into the centre
  • You will then have a maximum of 10 minutes to empty your car of your recycling/waste items. Please make sure you finish unloading your recycling/waste within this time
  • Please only bring items you can carry yourself as no assistance will be given
  • We strongly recommend you sort your waste before you come, to make sure you can unload within your 10 minute slot
  • Please keep at least 2m (6 feet) away from all other users of the site

If you do not respect social distancing or are abusive to staff at the site, you will be asked to leave and the Police may be called. 

No. To keep you and the staff on site safe, we will be keeping to social distancing rules. This means staff will not be able to help you unload. Please note that ONE person per car will be allowed access into the site (driver only).

Yes, please do this before arriving at the site.

If your household is currently self-isolating because someone has viral symptoms, you must not come to the site. If you have just finished self-isolating, please make sure that household waste has been double-bagged and left for at least 72 hours before you bring it to the site. 

To ensure that we can maintain social distancing, keep traffic moving and to avoid congestion, we will only be allowing cars onto the site during the initial opening phase. However please look at the Council’s website on a daily basis for further updates.

We have also introduced a phased introduction of our bulky waste collection service as an alternative to having to visit a household waste recycling centre (HWRC). The available slots will be limited at first but it is hoped these can be increased in the coming weeks.

Bulky collections can be booked in the usual way by contacting the Council’s Waste Management Section via 01248 750057 (Option 7). Please note, this will come at a cost to the householder.