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Isle of Anglesey County Council

Archives Education Service

The Anglesey Archives Education Service aims to provide a learning service to groups of all ages and we are eager to provide access to our collections to everyone.

Archives are excellent resources for providing valuable learning experiences for children and teachers.  Viewing archives about their local area can spark a child’s imagination and make a national topic more relevant to them.  By discussing the value of different sources children are given the opportunity to learn new skills and carry out their own research.

A visit to the archives can offer cross-curricular learning opportunities.  We can help with the following skills:

  • Chronological awareness
  • Historical knowledge and understanding
  • Interpretation of history
  • Historical enquiry
  • Organisation and communication

The Archives holds records which cover the area of Anglesey and can provide information relating to your local areas and put national events in a local context.

Educational tours available

We welcome teachers and pupils as individuals or as groups to visit the archives.  If you wish to visit as a group we can accommodate a maximum of 30 pupils.

We can provide educational tours for children of every educational phase.

These are the packages available during the Foundation phase.

Title: Old and New workshop

Subject: Knowledge and Understanding of the world

  • Places and People
  • Time and people

Time scale: 1 hour

This workshop will focus on developing the pupils’ awareness of the past. They will be given the opportunity to tour the archives building and see original documents in storage, look at and handle old documents and photographs, take part in chronological based games, such as placing objects in the correct order and dressing up in historical costumes.

These are the packages available for chilldren in Key Stage 2

Title: Behind the Scenes

Time scale: 1 hour

This workshop will give pupils the opportunity to see how the archives’ collections are stored and cared for.  We will look at the threats to archives such as their condition, temperature and light.  There will be a chance to look at and handle original documents and discuss the relevance of different sources.

Title: Joint visit to Beaumaris Gaol and Courthouse

Time scale:1 hour

Pupils will be able to take part in our “Children of the Prison” workshop at Beaumaris Gaol and Court, depicting the life of a child during the 19th century.  This can be followed with a visit to the archives to look at documents and sources relating to the Gaol and Courthouse.  We will also look at other sources from the 19th century along with tours of the archives.

These are the packages available for children in Key Stage 3

Title: Research Skills

Pupils will be given the opportunity to learn research skills.  They will also learn about the work of an archive and the necessity of preserving sources for the future.  Additionally they will receive original document handling training for use in a practical workshop at the end of the visit.

The Archives education packs

The Archives offer packs of resources which can be useful for work in the classroom.

Local history packs have been compiled in digital format which can be ordered and sent out to schools on CD.

Resource packs are also available on different themes, for further information please see contact details.*

Resource packs available:

  • Victorian Period
  • Royal Charter
  • Local History Pack – Based on the local area of your school.

*Two weeks notice will be needed for any request for resources to allow research to be carried out.