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Document of the Month: August 2019

Document of the Month: Postcard: Bull Bay Baths, 1906

Reference Number: WSB/388/2

An interesting fact, Bull bay boasts the northernmost golf course in Wales. However, it is another leisure activity that is the theme of this month’s document – bathing.

Bathing houses can be traced back to roman times, and during the Victorian times there was something of a renaissance for the bathhouse. Bathhouses were built all over the country, and people flocked to these places to bathe in relative privacy and relax. The example shown in this postcard from 1906 was the bathing house at Bull Bay, sometimes referred to as the Bull Bay Baths, and Bull Bay Roman Baths.

The stone built structure was built in 1864, and had the look of a castle, with turrets and arrow loops. The walls formed a square between the turrets. There was a plaque above the entrance with the inscription ‘Erected by Evan Pritchard MDCCCCXIV.’ Steps led down from the castle to an area carved out of the rocks where people could bathe in the seawater, in relative safety without the risk of being swept out to sea.

The fabulous castle like structure is long gone, but the remains of the bathing pool can still be seen when walking the coastal path today. 

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