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Document of the Month: March 2019

Document of the Month: Photograph: Bradleys Llangefni, mid twentieth century.

Reference Number: WDC/2457

This month’s document is a photograph of the impressive shop-front of Bradleys outfitters, from the mid twentieth century.

Bradleys was founded by William Bradley in Chester in 1878, initially as a pawn broking business. In 1882 the outfitting business was established, and quickly grew. Branches were opened in towns and cities throughout North Wales, and Bradleys quickly became the go to store for threading out generations of North Walians from head to toe. The company closed its doors at the Chester headquarters for the last time in 1971.

This image is the Llangefni branch of Bradleys, from the mid twentieth century. The shop is very well stocked with shirts, trousers, caps, hats, full suits and school suits, all set out to create an impressive attention grabbing window display to attract the customers. Bradleys also seem very keen to promote their reasonable prices and exceptional value. 39/6d approximately £35 in today’s money – good value for a tweed suit in anyone’s book. Also notice the clever pricing strategy – only including the shillings and pence, perhaps to create the illusion of even better value. 

To see the document in more detail please see the attachment below.

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