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Isle of Anglesey County Council

Allowances for Councillors

Payments to members, including co-opted members, are prescribed by the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales. The list of payments to elected members is published annually.

The full scheme is available as part 6 of the Isle of Anglesey County Council Constitution. The following is a summary to help explain the tables.

Basic Salaries are paid to all Councillors each month as recognition of the work all Councillors do in that role.

Senior and Civic Salaries are paid to Councillors who have additional responsibilities by virtue of positions they hold - for example, as a member of the Executive or Chairman of a Committee - and which require more of their time and effort. The number of Senior and Civic Salaries is limited to fifteen at any one time. All Senior and Civic Salaries are paid inclusive of the Basic Salary.

Care allowances can be paid to members and co-opted members who have children or other dependents and who need to incur expense on their supervision so that they can carry out their duties as a member.

Subsistence expenses claimed for overnight stays or meals taken away from home when on Council business.

This is mostly payable as a car mileage rate for journeys undertaken on Council business.

We publish a list of payments annually.  Go to Statement of Payments Made to Members under Downloads to see how much each councillor has been paid.

To find out what each councillor is entitled to, go to Members’ Schedule of Remuneration under Downloads below.

The following is a summary of the kinds of allowances paid:

The tables show the amounts paid directly to councillors during the year. Basic, Senior and Civic Salaries are paid automatically to those entitled, but councillors are entitled to forego these allowances in whole or part if they wish. Other allowances have to be claimed by the councillors, usually monthly. Sometimes, for example in the case of train journeys, it is more convenient for the Council to pay the expense directly to the service provider and those expenses are not included here.