Hospitality businesses - a guide to re-opening

Guidance to consider has been produced by the Welsh Government regarding hospitality businesses in Wales re-opening outdoors. As each premises is different, you will need to risk assess your own outdoor area and operating procedures accordingly. 

  1. Opening outdoors only – utilising open spaces outside buildings, including, but not limited to: beer gardens; patios; and pavements.
  2. The use of physical coverings, awnings, gazebos or marquees should be delivered in such a way so as to ensure that they are aligned with current medical advice. The effects of sunlight, wind direction and intensity, social distance and effective handwashing should all be considered. Specifically, they should be open on 3 or 4 sides so as to be considered and treated as an external environment. It is imperative that if marquees are to be adopted for use they need to be effectively used and policed so as not to allow for an excessive confined congregation which would not accommodate effective social distancing
  3. Pre-booking is recommended. Walk-ups allowed subject to provision of names and contact details and social/physical distancing. 
  4. Ensure customers provide lead names and contact details to facilitate Test Trace Protect
  5. Set a maximum capacity for the premises and put in place measures for communicating and managing the maximum capacity set - for example, by setting dwell times.
  6. Implement one way systems, where the building allows. Outside queues should be managed to ensure they do not cause a risk to individuals, other businesses or additional security risks, for example by introducing queuing systems.
  7. Table consumption only. Standing consumption only allowed at tall tables.
  8. Venues should not permit live performances, including drama, comedy and music, to take place in front of a live audience. This is important to mitigate the risks of droplets and aerosol transmission - from either the performer(s) or their audience. Recorded music should be kept at background level; dancing should not be allowed. Activities such as quizzes should also be kept at background level.
  9. All children’s play areas should remain closed until further easing of restrictions.
  10. The use of Apps or other communications devices is recommended, to reduce contact with customers, including options for menus, ordering, billing and contactless payment.
  11. Access to indoor toilets will be allowed subject to adherence to cleaning and other protocols aimed at protecting staff and customers. See guidance on the safe management of toilets used by the public
  12. All businesses to implement a deep clean before re-opening and take account of potential legionella issues.
  13. Thorough and regular cleaning of high contact touch points, toilets, tables etc. throughout the course of the service in line with your risk assessed cleaning regime.
  14. Each business must have a full risk assessment, prepared in line with the WG and UKH Industry guidance which staff have been consulted on.
  15. Ensure customers are fully aware of their responsibilities for observing social distancing and all Covid-19 safety measures – using clear signage and other visual communications (e.g. posters or airline style flashcards).