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Council Services:

Public Rights of Way statutory registers

Under the Public Rights of Way (Registers) (Wales) Regulations 2006 the Council is required to maintain three public registers relating to public rights of way in our area:

  • register containing information on maps and statements deposited, and declarations lodged, by landowners in relation to public rights of way on their land (referred to as a section 31A register). Such maps, statements and declarations enable landowners to formally acknowledge the existence of public rights of way over their land and, in so doing, create a presumption that no further routes over their land are intended to be dedicated.
  • register of applications made to the council which request changes to our definitive map map or statement (referred to as a section 53B register); these documents form the authority’s official record of public rights of way.
  • register of applications made to the council by owners, lessees or occupiers of any land used for agriculture, forestry or the breeding or keeping of horses, for public path extinguishment and diversion orders (referred to as a section 121B register). The register published here contains additional types of  applications, i.e. applications from landowners / occupiers which do not fall under the above definition, and proposals instigated by the highway authority itself.

The registers are intended to increase knowledge among landowners and the public about matters which could result in changes to the public rights of way network; avoid duplication where more than one person may be considering making an application to a local authority requesting the same change to the definitive map and statement; increase certainty as to which paths or ways landowners intend to dedicate as public rights of way; and assist local authorities in managing their public rights of way functions.

The registers are sorted by community / town council area, then by the date which the application or statement / declaration was received.

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