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Blue Badge Scheme

The Blue Badge Scheme provides parking concessions for people with a permanent and substantial disability, whether the person is a driver or a passenger.

The purpose of the scheme is to help those who have a permanent and substantial disability and are unable to walk, or have considerable difficulty in walking, by making it easier to park closer to their destination.

The Welsh Government is responsible for developing the policy and delivering the legislation which sets out the framework for the scheme, while Anglesey Council as the local authority is responsible for the day-to-day running and enforcement of the scheme. If you have any questions please call us on 01248 750057

Who can apply for a Blue Badge?

Individuals who meet the eligibility criteria explained below, organisations and establishments, e.g. Age Well, care homes.

How do I apply?

  • By completing an online application
  • By contacting Isle of Anglesey County Council’s Blue Badge Officer on telephone number 01248 750057
  • By calling in to Contact Môn reception located in the Council Offices, Llangefni - please see the contact details on the right
  • By printing off a paper copy of the application form (see below). After filling it in please send it to the contact address in the right hand navigation.

What happens next?

You will be requested to complete an application form.

Automatic Eligibility Criteria

If you meet the automatic eligibility criteria your application will be processed. Documentation will be required to confirm your mobility difficulty as indicated below.

Eligibility criteria - no further assessment required Evidence
Applicant is in receipt of Higher Rate Mobility Component of Disability Living Allowance (HRMCDLA) A certified copy of the HRMCDLA award letter dated within 12 months of application
Applicant is in receipt of War Pensioners’ Mobility Supplement A certified copy of the entitlement letter.
Applicant is in receipt of Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (tariff 1-8) A certified copy of the award letter, which also certifies that you have a permanent and substantial disability which causes inability to walk or very considerable difficulty walking
Applicant has severe sight impairment or blind Details of the local authority you are registered with.
Applicant is in receipt of a Personal Independence Payment (PIP), for being unable to walk further than 50 meters (a score of 8 points or more under ‘moving around’ activity of the mobility component. Some people may also be entitled to PIP because they have difficulty planning and following journeys. A certified copy of the PIP award letter dated within 12 months of application

Eligibility Criteria - subject to further assessment

If you do not meet the criteria for automatic eligibility criteria you will be requested to provide the following information in support of your application. The Local Authority may also ask you to complete a self-assessment form which you will need to forward to your GP. In certain cases you will be requested to attend an office based appointment.

Eligibility criteria- subject to further assessment Evidence
Children under the age of three who require bulky life supporting equipment or may need quick access to medical treatment A letter from a healthcare professional involved in the child’s treatment with details of the condition the child has and the equipment needed to support the child
Applicant has arm impairments Driving licence and insurance certificate
Applicant is unable to walk or has considerable difficulty in walking * Evidence of specialist assessments, use of walking aids, provision of oxygen and other

* Having considerable difficulty walking means being unable to walk without experiencing severe difficulty, such as:

  • excessive pain
  • breathlessness
  • unable to walk 30 metres
  • walking up to 80 metres but combined with other factors listed
  • speed of walking
  • the length of time the person can walk
  • the manner of walking or gait (posture, rhythm, co-ordination, balance, stride)
  • use of walking aids
  • outdoor walking ability, including different terrains
  • whether the effort of walking endangers the applicant’s life, due to ill health and other health conditions

What documents do I need to provide?

All personal applications will need:

  • proof of identity
  • proof of address
  • a photograph of the applicant

Which document will I need as proof of identity?

Proof of identity: A certified photocopy of one of the following must be submitted with your application:

  • your birth / adoption certificate
  • a marriage / divorce certificate
  • a civil partnership/dissolution certificate
  • a valid driving licence
  • a valid passport
  • a HM Forces ID card
  • a Certificate of British Nationality
  • a Foreign National ID card

Which document will I need as proof of address?

Proof of address: this should be in the form of a certified photocopy of your Council Tax bill bearing the applicants name and address. This is unnecessary if the applicant gives consent for the local authority to check Council Tax records, the electoral register or school records to confirm the address.

Proof you your disability: Please see tables above regarding Eligibility Criteria.

What type of photograph will I need to supply?

A photo of yourself: The photograph must have a strong definition between face and background and must be;

  • in colour
  • 45 millimetres in height and 35 millimetres in width (passport size)
  • taken within a month prior to the date of the application
  • against a light grey or cream background
  • ndamaged
  • free from “red eye”, shadows, reflection or glare from spectacles
  • of the full head of the holder (without any other person visible or any covering, unless it is worn for religious beliefs or medical reasons)
  • facing forward
  • with nothing covering the face
  • looking straight at the camera
  • with a neutral expression and mouth closed
  • with eyes open and clearly visible (without sunglasses or tinted spectacles and without hair or spectacle frames obscuring the eyes)
  • in sharp focus and clear
  • printed professionally or in digital format
  • a true likeness, without amendment

Documents / information to support your application

You will need to submit various documents to support your application. Please do not send original copies of documents in the post as we will not be able to return them. Please send certified photocopies. The documents must be dated within the last 12 months.

What is a certified photocopy?

A certified photocopy is a photocopy of a document that has been verified as being true by a person, other than your partner or family member, who has known you for a minimum of 2 years and is 18 years or over.

The individual certifying the documents should include the text: “This copy is a true likeness of the original” alongside their signature. They should also print their name and occupation alongside this information. These are examples of the type of person that would be suitable:

accountant nurse (RGN and RMN)
bank/building society official officer of the armed services
barrister optician
councillor (local or county) pharmacist
civil servant police officer
dentist social worker
fire service official solicitor
Justice of the Peace surveyor
licensee of public house teacher, lecturer
local government officer trade union officer

If you apply for your Badge at the Council Offices a member of staff can photocopy, review and certify the documents for you (providing that the member of staff is not related to you). Please note that in order to do this you must attend the Council Office in person and have your current passport or photocard driving licence at hand (original copy - not a photocopy).

Additional information

A driving licence number is required for those people applying for a Blue Badge due to arm impairments as they will only be eligible to use the badge when they are the driver of a vehicle.

Contact Môn

Isle of Anglesey County Council
Council Offices
LL77 7TW
Tel: 01248 750057

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