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Council Services:

Abandoned vehicles

How to report an abandoned vehicle

Although an abandoned vehicle is a nuisance, a nuisance vehicle is not always abandoned. The council is only able to deal with abandoned vehicles.

What is a nuisance vehicle?

Nuisance vehicles are vehicles which are:

  • poorly parked
  • causing an obstruction
  • involved in residential parking disputes
  • broken down
  • untaxed

What is an abandoned vehicle?

Here are some pointers to help you identify an abandoned vehicle:

  • has been in the same area for a considerable length of time
  • if vehicle is not drivable
  • if vehicle is damaged or vandalised
  • if the vehicle is untaxed (this should not be the sole consideration)
  • if there is mould or grass growing on the windows or door seals - evidence that the vehicle has not moved for some time
  • attempts have been made to hide its identity
  • the location suggests its been abandoned
  • if the tyres are flat
  • if the vehicle is being used to store items

Abandoned vehicles are unsightly and can lead to crime through the cars being vandalised and burnt-out. Cars being burnt-out pose a danger to the public from fire and explosion hazards. A burnt-out car continues to be dangerous and should not be approached. Burnt out vehicles also have a negative affect on the environment due to dangerous fluids leaking into waterways etc.

How do I report an abandoned vehicle?

For information on reporting abandoned vehicles, please follow the link below.

Abandoned vehicle document

This document sets out the way in which Anglesey County Council intends to deal with the problem of abandoned vehicles. Please see the downloads tab at the top of this page.

Contact the Highways and Transportation Service

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