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Council Services:

Recycling paper and cardboard

Do you know that we recycle over 2,500 tonnes of paper and cardboard every year on Anglesey.

Because it only takes 7 days to recycle old newspapers into new ones, we could be reading the very same one a week later – brilliant!

By recycling paper and cardboard, we are reducing the amount of waste going to landfill sites and for every tonne of paper we recycle, we will be saving 17 trees and 30,000 litres of water.

Here on Anglesey, we could save up to 80% of the energy required to make paper from new raw materials just by making use of the recycling services we have – just place your paper in the red recycling box and cardboard in your orange box which are collected every week, or alternatively you can take paper to a host of recycling bank locations on the island, and both paper and cardboard can be taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centres.

What’s the difference between paper and cardboard and why aren’t drink cartons collected?

On Anglesey, we collect both paper and cardboard. All you need to do is pop your paper in the red recycling box and cardboard in the orange recycling box.

Cardboard and paper cannot be recycled together. Once collected from households, they are baled separately before being sent to the mills to be recycled.

Please make sure cardboard measures no more than 50cm by 50cm and fits in your orange box so that the recycling operatives can fit them into their vehicle.

There are two main types of cardboard – corrugated cardboard has a ruffled layer between two flat pieces whereas flat cardboard is used typically for shoe boxes and cereal boxes.

Both types can be readily recycled on Anglesey, unless they are laminated with another material e.g. plastic and wax on drink cartons.

Unfortunately we cannot collect drink cartons (e.g. Tetrapak) from recycling boxes at the moment as they are made using plastic and wax coatings which would contaminate the rest of the cardboard sent to be recycled. You can however take these to one of our Household Waste Recycling Centres at Penhesgyn or Gwalchmai.

What happens next?

Once all the paper and cardboard has been collected, it is baled separately before being sent to the mills for recycling. When the bales arrive at the mill, it is added to water and turned into pulp.

This pulp is then screened, cleaned and de-inked through various processes. It is then ready to be made into new paper products or corrugated and made into cardboard boxes.

Why do we recycle paper and cardboard on Anglesey?

  • recycling these products reduces the consumption of energy used and the amount of trees destroyed to make from new
  • the amount of paper and cardboard sent to landfill sites is reduced if we recycle paper and cardboard. Cardboard and paper release gasses like methane when they rot and break down, therefore we need to divert as much waste away from landfill as we can to keep Anglesey clean and green

Contact Highways and Waste Management

Sustainable Development Directorate
Isle of Anglesey County Council
Council Offices
LL77 7TW
Tel: General enquiries: 01248 752860
For General enquiries please use the Waste Management General Enquiry Form
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