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Recycling food waste

In Wales we waste about a third of our food.

About a quarter of the food we waste happens because we let it go out of date. Incredibly we throw away large quantities of food that just sit in our kitchen and we never use.  We often don’t eat food because it goes off before we get to it. Salad is the food we throw away most, because it goes soggy and fruit is a close second. The UK as a whole throws away 808,000 tonnes of food past its edible date. That’s about £2.2 billion in food a year.  Not only is that making a big hole in your pocket it is also filling a big hole in the ground at the landfill site. The long term effect of that will be fines from Europe and increases in council tax unless we do something about it. 

What can we do to save ourselves money?

You could compost a large amount of the fruit and vegetables that you throw away that are out of date. This is preferable to throwing it in the bin but it’s still costly because you paid for it. The best thing to do is to be more careful about the quantities of food you buy, but that can take some time to fine tune. It’s worth it though. We estimate that on average you could be saving £610 a year if you get it right.

A lot of the food we throw away has been cooked but is left over after the meal. At the end of a hearty roast dinner there may still be some delicious Welsh beef or fantastic Welsh lamb left. It’s all too easy to throw it away but you can probably get another delicious meal out of it.

We could save even more money if we were more clued-up about the quantity of food we buy and how we use it.  With rising food and fuel prices, our shopping budgets need to go further, so to help us think about how we can waste less food and make the food we buy go further we want to hear about what you do with your leftovers.

For more information on food waste minimisation and leftover recipes, please visit

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