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Graffiti refers to drawings, patterns, scribbles or messages that are painted, written or scratched on walls and other surfaces. Applying graffiti on any surface without the owner’s permission is a criminal damage and offenders can be prosecuted under the Criminal Damage Act 1971.

Graffiti defaces private and public properties, encourages further antisocial behaviour and can be very costly to remove.

We will remove graffiti from domestic properties on Anglesey - all you need to do is complete the graffiti complaints form.

How can graffiti be reported?

Graffiti can be reported by:

  • contacting the Waste Management Section of the Isle of Anglesey County Council on 01248 752860
  • downloading the graffiti complaint form and sending it via post to the Waste Management Section, Isle of Anglesey County Council, Council Offices, Llangefni, Anglesey LL77 7TW or email

How do you remove graffiti?

We use graffiti removal substances and a high pressure hose. If the graffiti is on painted surface it is advised that you paint over the graffiti as our treatment method could cause damage to such surface.

When will the graffiti be removed?

We will endeavour to remove racist and other highly offensive (High Priority) graffiti within 48 hours of receiving the complaints form. Graffiti in Town Centres (Medium Priority) will be removed within 5 days and all other graffiti outside the town centres (Low Priority) will be removed within 15 days of receiving the graffiti complaints form.

Graffiti walls

There are two purpose built graffiti walls on Anglesey, one in Ucheldre, Llangefni and the other on London Road, Holyhead. These walls provide young people and artists with a legitimate way of expressing their creativity and therefore reducing unwanted graffiti on other buildings and surfaces.

See below, examples of creative graffiti that have been painted on both these purpose built walls.

Llangefni graffiti wall

Holyhead graffiti wall

Contact Highways and Waste Management

Sustainable Development Directorate
Isle of Anglesey County Council
Council Offices
LL77 7TW
Tel: General enquiries: 01248 752860
For General enquiries please use the Waste Management General Enquiry Form
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