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Joint Local Development Plan (Anglesey and Gwynedd)

All Local Planning Authorities must prepare a Local Development Plan. Once adopted, decisions about planning applications must be made in accordance with it, unless there is material consideration indicating otherwise. It will replace the current adopted development plan.

Gwynedd Council and the Isle of Anglesey County Council have decided to prepare a Joint Local Development Plan for Anglesey and the Gwynedd Local Planning Authority Area.

A LDP is a land use development strategy for a period of 15 years which concentrates on sustainable development. It will aim to achieve the following:

  • Guide the development of housing, retail, employment and other uses
  • Include policies which will aid the Local Planning Authority’s decision with regard to planning applications
  • Protect areas to ensure the maintenance and enrichment of the natural and built environment

The details below outline the key stages and documents required as part of the process of preparing the Joint LDP. The Plan has now reached the Independent Examination stage.

Delivery Agreement


This is the first stage in the process of preparing the JLDP. The current Delivery Agreement is split into two sections, the timetable and the Statement of Community Involvement. The Statement ensures that members of the public along with key stakeholders are part of the process of preparing the Plan.


The current Delivery Agreement was approved by Gwynedd Council on the 3 March 2016 and by the Isle of Anglesey County Council on the 10 March 2016.  Here is a copy of a letter from the Welsh Government, which supports the revised timetable. 

Gathering background information

It is imperative that the Plan, in terms of its policies and proposals, is based on a sound and credible evidence base and that it has also considered local, regional and national policies, plans and strategies. The results of the information gathering wil be recorded in Topic and background Papers. Supporting documents will be regularly updated.

On going process

Developing the Vision Objectives and Strategic Options

A full version along with a booklet version of the document were published during a public engagement period in 2011/2012. The document recognises some of the key issues that the Plan must tackle, drafted a possible vision, identified possible strategic objectives, and suggested strategic growth and distribution options.

Has been undertaken 2011/2012

Preferred Strategy Document

This document provides an outline of the plan’s vision, objectives and the Preferred Strategy. This stage is a key stage for members of the public along with other stakeholders to comment on the Plan.

Public consultation period 9 May 2013 until 27 June 2013.

Deposit Plan

This is the full version of the JLDP. Producing the Deposit Plan will take the comments received during the consultation period for the ‘Preferred Strategy’ document into consideration.


Public consultation period ended 31 March 2015.

Independent Examination

March 2016

Inspector’s Report

Once the examination has come to an end the Inspector will examine all of the relevant information received in order to assess which changes, if any the Councils should make to the JLDP. These changes along with the reasoning behind the changes will be outlined in the ‘Inspector’s Report’. It is compulsory for the Authority to accept any changes recommended by the Inspector.

Expected by the end of May 2017


Within 8 weeks of receiving the Inspector’s Report it will be necessary for the Councils to publish an ‘Adoption Statement’, which advertises the fact that the Joint Local Development Plan has been adopted and where it can be inspected.

Spring 2017

Monitoring and Review

Following adoption of the JLDP it will be necessary for the Councils to prepare an ‘Annual Monitoring Report’ to the Welsh Government. The purpose of the ‘Annual Monitoring Report’ is to consider how successful the JLDP has been in meeting the Plan’s objectives. A review of the Plan will have to take place at least every four years.

April 2020

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