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Joint housing land availability study

It is a requirement for every local planning authority in Wales to undertake a Joint Housing Land Availability Study (JHLAS) on an annual basis in order to monitor the supply of land that is available for housing in their areas.

Planning Policy Wales states that local planning authorities have to ensure that sufficient land is available, or will become available, to ensure a five year land supply for housing.

Housing Land Monitoring Statement 2016

Technical Advice Note 1, “Joint Housing Land Availability Studies”, provides guidance for calculating the available land supply for housing. Given that there isn’t a recently adopted development plan for Anglesey, the guidance states that a full study relating to the availability of land for housing cannot be undertaken. In order to continue to gain an understanding of what is happening on housing sites, field work and analysis work has taken place and has been documented in the Housing Land Monitoring Statement for 2016. This Statement replaces the 2015 Housing land Monitoring Statement.


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