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Every ten years the Office for National Statistics (ONS) carries out a census to find out more about the people who live in England and Wales

And about the make-up of local neighbourhoods. The latest census took place on Sunday 27 March 2011.

Help tomorrow take shape

The census asks about work, health, national identity, citizenship, ethnic background, education, second homes, language, religion, marital status and so on. These statistics are then used to build a picture of today’s society.

Why should this matter?

Like all local authorities in England and Wales, the Isle of Anglesey County Council relies on census population statistics to get the government funding we need for public services. How much we get is directly related to how many and what kind of people the census says live in our area. So even if the census were to end up just a few households short, it could make a very real difference to people’s lives. The census needs to include everyone, everywhere - and that’s why everyone has to take part.

For more information, visit:

The attached pdf contains basic facts and figures for Anglesey based upon the 2001 Census.

It provides information on:

  • total population
  • population breakdown by age
  • population breakdown by sex
  • knowledge of Welsh.

Should you require additional Census information, please contact the Planning Policy team.

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