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Council Services:

Houses in multiple occupation (HMOs)

What is a HMO?

Under the Housing Act 2004 a HMO is

  • an entire house or flat occupied by three or more tenants who form two or more households and who share a kitchen, bathroom or toilet
  • a house that has been converted into bedsits or other non-self-contained accommodation and occupied by three or more tenants, forming two or more households and sharing a kitchen, bathroom or toilet
  • a converted house which contains one or more flats which are not wholly self-contained and which are occupied by three or more tenants occupying two or more households
  • a building converted entirely into self-contained flats where less than two thirds are in owner occupation and where the conversion did not comply with the 1991 Building Regulations

HMO Licensing

Mandatory Licensing

The Housing Act 2004 provides for the Mandatory Licensing of certain HMOs

Generally a HMO will need a Mandatory Licence if it is :-

  • shared by five or more people who
  • share facilities such as a bathroom and kitchen and
  • the property has three or more storeys (including basements, attics and commercial units)

(See the link below “Mandatory Licensing of HMOs” for more information about this.)

Additional Licensing

The Isle of Anglesey County Council Additional Licensing of Houses in Multiple Occupation Scheme is in operation since the 19th of September 2013.

The Additional Licensing Scheme will cover all HMOs except those subject to Mandatory Licensing or those HMOs exempt under the relevant sections of the Housing Act 2004.

Landlords, persons letting/managing and tenants are advised to seek advice from the Private Sector Housing Enforcement Team on whether their property is covered by the Additional Licensing Scheme.

(See the link below “HMO Leaflet for Additional Licensing” which explains the different types of properties covered by Additional Licensing).

Contact Environmental Health

Environment and Technical Services Directorate
Council Offices
LL77 7TW
General enquiries:01248 752820
Housing Enforcement Team:01248 752836/752835
Health and safety:01248 752866
Fax:01248 752880

Useful information

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