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Council Services:

Housing Revenue Account (HRA) Self-financing

How does self-financing affect Anglesey Council Housing Tenants?

Isle of Anglesey County Council Housing became self-financing in April, 2015 which means it has more freedom to manage our own housing financing and keep all of the rents collected.

As Tenants, you will gain over time:

  • Anglesey County Council will have more money to spend on managing, maintaining and improving Council owned homes. The UK Government will no longer keep any of the extra money
  • As your landlord, we will be more accountable to you for the cost and quality of the housing and services you receive
  • Anglesey County Council will work with you to plan services based on local need, rather than central government rules. Examples include estate management investment, more efficient repairs and maintenance services etc.

When will the Council start its house-building programme?

The Council’s new build house building program will commence during the 2016 / 17 financial year which runs from April 2016 to March 2017 and it is anticipated that we will be developing 26 new build properties during the first year and a further 10 per annum thereafter.

In addition to the new build program since April 2015 we started rebuying ex council properties that were sold through the right to buy. We expect to purchase 10 during this financial year and a further 5 per annum thereafter.

How does Anglesey County Council manage the income and expenditure for Council owned homes?

The Council’s Housing Revenue Account (HRA) records income and expenditure on our Council homes. The HRA is ring-fenced for use on Council houses only and cannot be used to fund other Council services.

Does the Council plan for how the money will be spent?

Yes, we have written long term plans to cover our long term investment in Council owned houses and service improvements.

Our plans are called the HRA 30 year Business Plan which is reviewed annually.

There is link on the web-site to the most current plan.

In the HRA Business Plan we:-

  • describe how we manage and maintain the Council’s houses
  • set out our aims and priorities for the Housing Services
  • show how money is being spent to manage the Council’s houses
  • estimate the money needed for the next 30 years to manage and maintain our tenants’ and leaseholders’ houses
  • estimate the money needed to build new Council housing and money for other investment such as re-modelling
  • show how we manage our assets and our plans over the 30 years

How many Council owned homes does Anglesey County Council have for rent?

At 31st March, 2015 there were 3790 Council owned houses for rent in Anglesey. 

How much money does the Council collect from all the rents each year?

This year, 2015 / 16, the estimated income from Tenants and Leaseholders will be £14.5m. 

How much money does the Council intend to spend this year on its Council housing?

This year, 2015 / 16, we intend to spend

£ 4.3m on repairs and maintenance

£ 5.6m on planned repairs

What is the average cost of maintaining each Council owned home?

The cost is approx £1,141.06 (data 2013 / 14) per year (includes major works and Cyclical Maintenance. 

What is the average cost of managing each Council owned home?

The cost is approx. £320.97 (data 2013 / 14) per year. 

I am a Council Tenant or Leaseholder. How can I get involved in planning and shaping services for Council owned homes?

Anglesey County Council has a wide variety of opportunities for our customers to be involved in decision making. For further information, please contact the Housing Business Manager, Mr Ned Michael, on 01248 752289 or the Tenant Participation Team on 01248 752171 / 752166

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Housing Service
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Housing Customer Services: (01248) 752200
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Council Housing Repairs and maintenance: 08081 68 56 52

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