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Council Services:

Anglesey Carers Strategy

The new Social Services and Well Being (Wales) Act 2014 places a duty on Local Authorities:

  • to meet the eligible needs of both adult and young carers
  • to offer a free Carer’s Assessment to find out if the individual is able to continue in their caring role and what support they need. An individual can ask for an assessment even if the person they are caring for is not receiving support from Social Services 

Anglesey Council in conjunction with partner organisations from Health, Third sector and Independent sector have developed a Commissioning Strategy for Carers on Anglesey.

The strategy sets out what sort of services we intend to provide ourselves or to commission from third sector organisations according to the priorities identified in the Refreshed Carers Strategy for Wales. These are:

  • health and social care
  • information, identification and consultation
  • young carers and young adult carers
  • support and a life beyond caring
  • carers and employment

Why do we need a Carer’s Strategy?

We know that people who look after a family member or friend often don’t think of themselves as a carer and lots of carers do not ask for help for themselves. However, we think it’s important that carers receive the support they need, both to help them with their caring role, and to help them have a life away from caring. This is why we have produced this strategy.

Your views

To help make sure that the strategy meets the needs of carers and young carers we did seek the views of carers, young carers, patients, members of the public and stakeholders. Your input has determined the priorities for carers and highlighted the areas of support needed.


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