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Council Services:

Haulfre residential home

The Authority through its Transformation Programme for Adults Social Services is committed to developing Extra Care across Anglesey supporting the Authority’s vision of a fundamental shift away from traditional residential care in favour of alternative care models.

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The next phase will focus on the “South” of the Island (an area encompassing Seiriol). The future and role of Haulfre and all other Council owned care homes would be considered at the point where the development of Extra Care has been agreed within the local area.

Anglesey already has the second highest older people’s population in Wales and a 68% increase in those living past 85 is expected over the next decade. The Authority is working to modernise its social care provision to meet the future needs of an ageing population which wants to live independently for as long as possible.

What did the Council’s Executive Committee decide?

Members of the Executive Committee considered two options on July 2nd, 2015:

OPTION 1 - Commit to medium term expenditure to include:

• £361,350 (of which £243,100 is required for essential and immediate work which has been costed)

• an extra £300,000-£800,000 to address essential areas of work (Absolute costs would need a more detailed survey)

• an extra £500,000-£750,000 to build an 8 bed extension, which would be essential to make the home financially sustainable within the longer term.

OPTION 2 - Start to consult immediately on the future of Haulfre as a residential care home. This will involve a detailed analysis of suitability and viability based on key areas such as quality of care, building suitability and health and safety matters. This formal consultation would inform the Executive’s final decision in October, which could include the possibility of closure.

The Executive Committee resolved to adopt OPTION 2 and also requested a detailed breakdown of costings to inform the decision to be taken following the consultation and engagement period.

Specific costings needed for the following options:

1. Capital and ongoing revenue costs associated with immediate work required to safeguard residents and staff both from a safety and dignity perspective.

2. Capital and revenue costs associated with all areas affecting dignity of care.

3. Capital and revenue costs associated with providing an environment which meets all current registration standards and addresses all outstanding matters (To provide a building which provides a home which could be registered in the future)

4. Providing a viable home in the medium term (15-20 years).

Why were we looking at the future of Haulfre?

Anglesey’s Strategy for Older People identifies pressures of changes in communities make up, an increasing ageing population and the different care needs that will need to be met in the future. Care environments must be safe, effective and provide high quality care, now and in the future. It is appropriate that care is provided in a dignified way within an environment that supports this.

Reports were commissioned to consider whether Haulfre could be maintained up until at least 2019 without impacting on the dignity of care provided to residents during this period.

They included an overall assessment of the building by an external assessor in March 2015 to identify issues concerned with the building that were impacting upon care provision. Consideration was given as to whether there were non-compliance issues with standards and regulations of care (see Summary of immediate work required document).

The report on the Haulfre Building concluded that:

“As care needs have increased, the current facilities have become less and less suitable.

• The home would not meet the current standards for a care environment

• With increasing dependency in the future, it will become more and more difficult to ensure safe care within the premises.”

The findings of this report have been costed (see OPTION 1).

Additionally, an updated Fire Risk Report and Health & Safety Assessment was requested to ensure a comprehensive overview of the home.

On the 19th of October; the Council’s Executive Committee agreed that the Council should spend money to address all areas associated with basic standards of dignity (short term costed Option totalling £168,344).

This work will provide a home which has appropriate sluice facilities, provides additional toileting facilities, ensure adequate provision on each floor and ensure toilet facilities within easy reach of the communal areas.

For general enquiries please email, please read the list of FAQs available below before submitting your enquiry.

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