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Fire safety in the home

Fire can start very easily and can spread with frightening speed. Every year in the UK there are more than 68,000 fires in people’s homes, resulting in 400 deaths and 13,800 injuries.

The North Wales Fire and Rescue Service helps to protect a population of around 670,000 people over an area of 2,400 square miles as well as hundreds of thousands of tourists and visitors who come to North Wales every year. 

To reduce the chances of a fire in the home, why not have a free home fire safety check?  A member of the fire service will visit your home and provide:

  • fire safety hints and tips
  • help you to put together a fire escape plan
  • fit new smoke alarms in your home

For a free home safety check, please call 0800 169 1234, e-mail or visit

If there is a fire in your home:

  • tell everyone in your home quickly
  • call the fire brigade
  • close all doors and windows. If you can, leave the house
  • use the stairs - do not use the lifts
  • warn your neighbours

Bedtime safety routine for the whole family:

  • switch off any electrical appliances including the TV
  • put any cigarettes out properly, and ideally empty into an outside bin
  • close all interior doors to stop any fire and smoke from spreading
  • keep keys close to locked doors and windows. It is important to lock up at night, but make sure you don’t lock yourselves in
  • once you are outside, stay out - don’t go back in for anything

If you are ever caught in a fire, remember the following:

  • stay low, so you don’t breathe in any smoke
  • if the fire and smoke have cut you off, go to a room away from the fire and close the door
  • block the bottom of the door off, and open the window
  • shout for help and try to stay inside the room for as long as possible
  • if no one has come to help you, then throw some soft things out to land on and lower yourself down from the window

Smoke alarms

Smoke alarms can detect a fire in the early stages and will sound to give you enough time to get out of the house.

  • make sure your smoke alarm is in good working order - test it weekly
  • clean the detector monthly with a vacuum cleaner
  • If it is a battery operated smoke alarm and it starts to ‘beep’ the batteries need replacing

Useful information

Mae'r dudalen yma a'r dogfennau cysylltiedig ar gael yn y Gymraeg. Defnyddiwch y ddolen "Cymraeg" ar ochr dde'r bar uchaf.

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