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Making an official complaint

Complaints can usually be dealt with on the spot by having a word with the person providing the service. This could be a receptionist, staff at the local leisure centre, a van driver or roadmen. If your problem cannot be settled there and then you are able to make an “official” complaint.

Please note that there is a separate complaints procedure for social services. Please follow the link below.

Concerns and Complaints Policy

The Concerns and Complaints Policy comes into force at Isle of Anglesey County Council on Monday, 1st April, 2013 and means that the Council will respond to complaints in a different way and will take steps to learn from concerns expressed by our customers.

The Policy is based on the Model Policy developed with the Public Services Ombudsman for Wales as a common complaints handling system for public service providers in Wales.

Definition of a ‘complaint’

Whether about the Council itself, a person acting on its behalf, or a partnership, a complaint is:

  • An expression of dissatisfaction or concern
  • Either written or spoken or made by any other communication method
  • Made by one or more members of the public
  • About the Council’s action or lack of action or
  • About the standard of service provided

A complaint is not:

  • An initial request for a service, such as reporting a missed bin collection
  • An appeal against a properly made decision
  • A means to seek change to legislation or a properly made policy decision
  • A means for lobbying groups/organisations to seek to promote a cause

The Concerns and Complaints Policy forms part of Isle of Anglesey Council Constitution (section 5.7) and can be seen below as a pdf document.

There is also an Information Leaflet and Complaint Form and these can be seen below and are available for downloading as pdf files.

The Unacceptable Actions by Complainants Policy can also be seen below and is available for download.

Social Services has a statutory departmental procedure - please follow the link below.

The Education Department also operates a separate complaints procedure for schools as each school has its own complaints policy and can be obtained by contacting the relevant school.

Codes of Conduct

There are two codes of conduct for officers to follow. The Officers’ Code of Conduct for Qualifying Employees of Relevant Authorities in Wales, which is found in section 5.2 of the Constitution.

There is also a code of conduct approved by the Local Authority Associations in England and Wales and the Local Government Management Board, which sets out the minimum standards that should apply to the conduct of local government officers. This code is presented below as a PDF file.

Useful information

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