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Gwynedd and Anglesey Arts Agency for Schools

The Latest Developments

Arts Agency Gwynedd and Anglesey Schools

With the Agency celebrating ten years of work this school year we are pleased to announce that we have been able to secure funding by the Arts Council for Wales for another year. We will be introducing some changes to our provision in 2012/13 as a way of developing and strengthening our provision for the benefit of pupils, teachers and artists.

This year, for the first time in our history, we will be appointing two resident artists, one drama practitioner and the other a music practitioner. The resident artists will be appointed early October and will start to work on a creative programme to tour primary schools shortly after. Keep an eye out for further details regarding the residencies online and in the schools newsletter.

We will continue to disseminate school grants in spring and summer terms with two closing dates set for applications as follows: 12pm, 3/12/12 and 12pm, 4/3/13. Applicants should be aware that a few changes have been made to the application guidelines. The main points to remember are that the percentage of funding this year will be 60% and that grants of up to £2,000 are available. As the grant fund has been reduced for 2012/13 therefore we anticipate more competition; applications must be imaginative and enterprising and led by professional artists. The projects will need to introduce pupils and teachers to exciting new experiences and genres. How about organising a photography or animation project? Have you thought about a fashion or costume design scheme? How about a contemporary dance project or a rap and graffiti programme? The possibilities are endless! You are welcome to contact the Agency to discuss your ideas and for guidance before you submit your application.

The funding by the Arts Council for Wales will also enable us to create a new website which will exhibit our creative projects and will be a means of sharing good practice to inspire new initiatives. Work on the new website will start during the coming weeks.

For more details about the Agency please contact Gwawr Wyn Roberts, Community Arts Development Officer on 01286 679721 or by email at

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