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Get Out There - Directory of educational sites and providers on Anglesey

This directory has been produced by CCW in partnership with colleagues from Isle of Anglesey County Council, North Wales Wildlife Trust, Menter Môn amongst others

Get Out There - Directory of Educational Sites and Providers on Ynys Môn

Outdoor education has attracted an increasing amount of attention in recent years, in both educational and political circles

However, following a number of high profile accidents and court cases, schools and local authorities have become increasingly concerned about the risks associated with outdoor education and the potential for litigation should anything go wrong. As schools and colleges are, on the one hand, being encouraged to use the outdoors, so too, ever more stringent procedures are being set in place which potentially could discourage involvement in outdoor activities.

This directory is based on a directory produced by the Swansea Environmental Education Forum, and includes details of a range of environmental bodies and individuals that offer accompanied and unaccompanied site visits, with information about what each can offer, to which age groups, at which sites and with what level of expertise and experience. The directory also provides practical information about a selection of local sites which can be used effectively for field studies. The sites’ details have been provided by practitioners who are very familiar with each of the particular locations, and have experience of providing educational activities at them.

The directory will be updated annually, with additional sites and providers added as appropriate. We want to encourage all schools, colleges, youth groups and the like to participate increasingly in outdoor activities, but to
do so in a safe, environmentally sensitive and educationally valuable way. The Code of Good Practice highlights important issues that all teachers and group leaders should consider when planning and carrying out field activities.

CCW wants to encourage teachers and group leaders to gain the confidence and ability to use sites independently, and all the sites listed in this directory can be used by schools without the need for specialist professionals, though in most cases permission is required and we advise that you should always get in touch with the named contact before arranging a trip.

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