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Creating a link to the site

We welcome and encourage other websites to link to us and by linking to Serving Anglesey you are deemed to have signed up to the terms and conditions.

If you wish to use text to link to the Isle of Anglesey County Council website, you should describe the site in this way:

Isle of Anglesey County Council - local government information and services online

As well as the text above, you can use the attached graphic as a visual link to the council.

The logo can be used in two colour combinations:

  • Logo on a white background -  the logo can be used on any other colour but must be placed in a white box
  • Logo with blue background - this version must not be used on a white background. It can be used on any other colour, but the logo must be placed in a blue box.

It is important that the following are observed:

  • the reproduction of the logo must always be consistent and its design and proportions should not be altered. Please do not reduce the size of the graphic as it will make the text unreadable.
  • the design should not be changed in any way
  • the symbol and text should not be separated
  • the design is fully bilingual and should always contain English and Welsh text

If you require the logo in a larger file size / different format, for printing purposes, please contact the council’s graphic design team:

tel:  (01248) 752485

Association with Isle of Anglesey County Council

You should not seek to associate the council site with your site.  Nor should you suggest any endorsement or approval by you, your website or any content.

Framing and context of content

We do not permit our pages to be loaded into frames on your site.  Our pages must load into a user’s entire window.  Nor should you insert any graphic into, or play audio content over, content, nor allow a pop-up to appear simultaneously with content.

Removal of links

If we contact you to remove your links to the Isle of Anglesey County Council website, you must do so immediately.

Further information on linking

If you need any further information about linking to this site please contact us through 

Useful information

Mae'r dudalen yma a'r dogfennau cysylltiedig ar gael yn y Gymraeg. Defnyddiwch y ddolen "Cymraeg" ar ochr dde'r bar uchaf.

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