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Council Services:

Chief Executive

Chief Executive: Dr Gwynne Jones

Assistant Chief Executive: Annwen Morgan and Caroline Turner

Head of Function - Resources & S151 Officer: Marc Jones
Head of Function - (Council Business) / Monitoring Officer: Lynn Ball
Head of Corporate Transformation - Scott Rowley

Summary of service roles

Roles and responsibilities

  • the Chief Executive is head of paid service at the authority responsible for the overall management of the Council
  • the Chief Executive is also the Council’s designated electoral registration officer and returning officer for the administration of local, assembly, parliamentary and European elections
  • Improvement Plan and performance - develop the Council’s performance management arrangements, including quarterly performance meetings and improvement agreements; prepare the Council’s yearly Improvement Plan
  • communication - manage both internal and external communications, including the Council’s Communications Strategy
  • corporate policy - develop policies, undertake research and prepare information/support for management team and members; co-ordinate corporate plans, eg Welsh Language Scheme and Community Plan
  • support to members on civic matters - provide administrative support to the Council Leader and members; prepare administrative support and arrangements in relation to civic and ceremonial duties

Legal and Administration

  • Monitoring Officer - ensure and monitor probity in the Council’s activities; implement the Council’s Complaints Policy
  • provide corporate legal support to the Council and its committees
  • land charges - administer system of holding searches on exchanges
  • committees - prepare secretarial support to all Council committees through preparation of agendas and minutes
  • develop and maintain the Council’s Human Resource Strategy; prepare and deliver the corporate training and development strategy across the Council; develop and monitor corporate personnel policies
  • translation - prepare an instantaneous translation service for all committees, panels, workgroups, forums and Council public meetings, translate reports and minutes of Council meetings along with a variety of other documents; provide support to the Council’s departments on bilingual issues and offer the lead with the use of the Welsh language
  • elections - arrange and provide voting facilities for the electorate on the island in both local, national and European elections


Revenue collection including the council tax, non-domestic rates and miscellaneous income.

  • collection of council tax from 31,975 householders
  • collection of non-domestic rates (business) from 2850 properties
  • residual community charge collection
  • sundry debtors - 10,000 invoices per year
  • cntrol of collection of the remaining income of the authority

Benefits - payment of housing benefit and council tax benefit

Accounting, budgeting and financial control - the department compiles revenue and capital budgets, record income and expenditure, and monitors the control of budget by budget holders.

Payroll for approximately 3,600 staff and members. Payroll to an estimated :

81,000 payments a year
2000 monthly paid staff
200 fortnightly paid staff
1000 weekly paid staff
30 councillors’ allowances

these payments will be made by cheque and bank transfer, with continual efforts to move to more economical means of payment.

Creditor payments: the payment of over 70,000 invoices a year, by cheque and bank transfer

Treasury management

The management of the authority’s borrowing, lending and banking arrangements, cash flow planning, borrowing and investment, including investment of trust fund monies.

Risks management and insurance

Including the management and control of risk, self-funding for some risks, and external placement of insurance for others. Insurance claims against the council are also dealt with.

Financial advice and assistance to the council

the department gives financial advice and assistance at several levels, from matters of corporate budget planning to committees of the council to matters of administrative procedures to officers of the authority.

Information and Communications Technology

We are responsible for:

  • the strategy, management and maintenance of the ICT infrastructure including networking and telephony
  • development of small scale information systems and applications
  • provision of systems maintenance, desktop support, office automation
  • web development and system integration services
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