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Council Services:

Alcohol Outreach Youth Worker

Information on the Alcohol Outreach Youth Worker and sessions that can be delivered to young people in a 1:1 or a group setting, along with a referral form


Youth Alcohol Outreach Worker - Einir M Jones

Teen Total is a multi-agency programme that is designed to try and tackle the growing concern of under-age drinking, and the negative effects that drinking has on young people and the communities in which they live. 

The aim is to give alcohol education and advice to parents and young people (aged 11-17 years old) who may be putting their own lives or the lives of others at risk through alcohol misuse.

Teen total is a voluntary awareness session where numerous agencies will give presentations, and there will be an element of practical work demonstrating the potential harm of alcohol and its effects on their health and activities.

Although the awareness sessions are voluntary, young people are encouraged to recognize that their attendance would be commended and beneficial to self-improvement.

Here is the schedule for a general Teen Total session;

Awareness Session

7:00 - 7:05 Introduction Youth Service
7:05 - 7:25 First Aid British Red Cross
7:25 - 7:40 Alcohol Awareness Youth Service
7:40 - 8:00 Family Planning (Safe Sex) Project Jiwsi
8:00 - 8:10 BREAK
8:10 - 8:25 Police North Wales Police
8:25 - 8:40 Drink Drive Fire Service
8:40 - 8:55 Practical Demonstration Youth Service
8:55 - 9:00 Evaluation Youth Service



I am currently attending 4 out of the 5 secondary schools on Anglesey, which are David Hughes, Holyhead High, Ysgol Syr Thomas Jones Amlwch and Bodedern. I am able to deliver alcohol based lessons to all years at the secondary school’s on Anglesey, focusing on age appropriate subjects that include; alcohol poisoning, spiking, safety around alcohol, effects on the body and drink drive, ensuring that the young people are aware of the dangers around alcohol.


If a young person needs help or support in relation to alcohol I am able to offer one to one sessions that will work on the young person’s attitude and behaviour towards alcohol and identify the risks they might be taking, if there is a greater need I am able to refer them onto other agencies such as CAMHS.

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