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Council Services:

Safety Advisory Group (SAG)

The Safety Advisory Group (SAG) will be constituted in the following manner; however the composition of SAG should be appropriate to the event being planned for:-

Core members will include:

  • Chair (from the local authority)
  • Administration (from the local authority)
  • Licensing, Health and Safety and Licensing
  • Traffic and Street Care service
  • North Wales Police Service
  • North Wales Fire and Emergency Service
  • Welsh Ambulance Trust
  • H.M. Coastguard
  • British Transport Police (if deemed necessary)
  • Environmental Health and Waste Management

The following may be invited either to all SAG meetings, or to a particular meeting as considered appropriate:

  • NHS / Public health services
  • North Wales Councils – Regional Emergency Planning Service
  • Legal service representation (the relevant solicitor for the local authority)
  • Other relevant local authority service representation
  • Voluntary first aid services
  • Parks and Maritime services
  • Local tourism representative
  • Local business representation
  • Natural Resources Wales

The Chair may invite such other specialist as the Chair feels appropriate to assist SAG fully consider any issue. 

The main role of SAG

The main role of the SAG is to provide specialist advice to the event organiser to help them discharge their public safety and wellbeing functions.

  • To advise on an event, venues and its immediate environs as required
  • To receive reports in relation to matters found during inspections by group members
  • To receive notification of the issue of any prohibition notice and any prosecutions
  • To provide a forum within which the local authority and other partners can develop a coordinated approach to crowd and spectator safety and wellbeing

The ultimate responsibility for the event safety lies with the event organiser and management team.

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