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Council Services:

Tell Us Once - information that you will need to use the service

To make sure the right information is given to any organisations we contact for you and so that you get the most out of the service it will help if you can bring along with you the following information.

When registering a birth:

  • If you have already registered the birth before using this service then you will need to bring the birth certificate
  • A completed claim form for Child Benefit (if you are making a claim)
  • The National Insurance number/s and/or date of birth, address and telephone number of the person/s named on the birth register
  • Details of any benefits the person/s named on the birth register are receiving or have applied for
  • The partner of the person named on the birth register, (if they live in the same household) including their National Insurance number and/or date of birth and information about any benefits they may be receiving

When registering a death:

  • Their National Insurance number and date of birth
  • Details of any benefits or services they were receiving
  • Their death certificate
  • Their Passport Number (if you want us to inform the Passport Service)
  • Their Driver’s Licence Number (if you want us to inform the DVLA)

We may also ask you for information about:

  • Their next of kin
  • Any surviving husband, wife or civil partner
  • The person dealing with their estate.
  • Anybody who is getting Child Benefit on their behalf

If you are the next of kin, you may be entitled to an increase in benefits, so please have your own National Insurance number to hand when you contact us.

If you are not the next of kin, or the person who is dealing with the deceased’s estate, you can still use the service if you have the authority to act on their behalf.

You must obtain the agreement of the persons listed above if you are going to provide us with information about them before you use the service.

Contact Registrar Service

Registration Office
Shire Hall
LL77 7TW

Holyhead Office:
Tel: (01407) 761102
Croesawir galwadau yn y Gymraeg
Opening hours
Wednesday: 9:30am. - 4pm (J.EO’Toole Centre)
Llangefni Office
Births and deaths: 01248 751925
Marriages: 01248 751926 / 01248 751927
Croesawir galwadau yn y Gymraeg
Opening hours
Monday: 9:30am - 4pm
Tuesday: 9:30am - 4pm
Wednesday: 9:30am - 4pm
Thursday: 9:30am - 4pm
Friday: 9:30am - 4pm

Useful information

Mae'r dudalen yma a'r dogfennau cysylltiedig ar gael yn y Gymraeg. Defnyddiwch y ddolen "Cymraeg" ar ochr dde'r bar uchaf.

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