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Council Services:

Objective 1

The 2000-2006 European Structural Funds Programme was the first in which West Wales and the Valleys benefited from EU Objective 1 status.

Over the programme period, EU Objective 1 contributed around £1.2 billion to European aid to kick-start the economy.

This funding was aimed at the most deprived regions of the European Union, assisting them to catch up with the prosperity of other regions – the principle aim being raising the level of gross domestic product (GDP), ie. to boost the area’s wealth.

In a nutshell, EU Objective 1:

  • provided money from Europe to help increase prosperity
  • was focussed upon regenerating areas whose economy was under-performing
  • there was a need for further funding to be matched with private sector investment or other public investment
  • was facilitated on the island by the Anglesey Economic Regeneration Partnership
  • applications came from eligible bodies
  • projects met definite project selection criteria, and
  • enabled the private sector to gain access to a range of support through projects run by intermediaries such as the county council, Menter Môn and Medrwn Môn

Anglesey Spatial European Team

Economic Development Unit
Anglesey Business Centre
Bryn Cefni Business Park
LL77 7XA
Tel: 01248 752435 / 752431
Fax: 01248 752 192
Croesawir galwadau yn y Gymraeg

Contact The Anglesey Business Centre

Isle of Anglesey County Council
Bryn Cefni Business Park
LL77 7XA
Tel: 01248 752480
Fax: 01248 752192
Croesawir galwadau yn y Gymraeg

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