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Europe post 2013

Development of European Union programmes for the 2014 to 2020 programming period is now well underway.

The guiding principles set out for the programes by the Deputy Minister are very similar to the current round:

  • focus on sustainable jobs and growth and facilitate the role of the private sector
  • achieve a balance between greater thematic concentration and more effective spatial targeting (essentially - better concentration in fewer geographical areas) to maximise the impact of funding
  • alignment with relevant Welsh Government policies and strategies
  • contribution to a transformational impact on the Welsh economy, particularly for West Wales and the Valleys, and the prosperity and well-being of its citizens
  • ensuring the sustainability of future investments. This means having clear exit strategies that fully consider the role of the private sector, building social resilience and tackling poverty within communities, promoting equality, and achieving legacy effects; and
  • clear demonstration of added value when compared with other ways of supporting and delivering policy with a sound evidence-base for contributing to sustainable jobs and growth

Welsh Government have proposed that there would be a presumption against using EU funds to support, except where a very strong business case can be made, such as:

  • general business support and grant-based business support, other than for R&D or targeted interventions
  • primary or “blue-skies” research
  • engagement and inclusion measures where support could restrict the ability for private and third sector organisations to operate
  • labour market interventions which are more ‘social’ in nature, with little prospect of outcomes which enhance employability
  • managed access to countryside and coast and initiatives developing the natural, historic and cultural environment
  • extensive climate change mitigation and adaptation measures including flood relief investments that do not support jobs and growth
  • large-scale investment in renewable energy where there is no real opportunity for gaining advantage or market share; and
  • building more integrated and effective public services

Anglesey Spatial European Team

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Fax: 01248 752192
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