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Anglesey Infobase

Infobase - Anglesey in figures for individuals and communities

Anglesey InfoBase is a web based local information system for the Isle of Anglesey County Council.


We are making this information available to the public, so you can clearly see our priority areas and how well we are doing.

The system is very easy to use and provides a wealth of information for individuals and communities.

Over the past 18 months, Anglesey has been working hard to develop an information based culture. We have been developing outcome focussed key plans, and have developed a suite of baseline data to help provide a transparent evidence base to shape key plans and outcomes for the future.

It is intended that this suite of data will be extensively used to shape strategic and business planning throughout the authority.

Information is available by theme and helps us to form a picture of how well we are doing against our key outcome areas for the authority. By making the information available to key strategic partners, we can share this valuable resource, and use it to reinforce joint working.

The initial build has focused on the key outcomes identified for Economic Development and the Enterprise Zone, and Social Care but we have also included some general data on Anglesey through the postcode search facility and the ‘Anglesey in figures’ statistical theme.

Please Note: Work is currently being undertaken to expand the content to include Education.

We have included this on the home page but it is not currently operational. We also intend to add more themes as we develop our system throughout the year.

Contact details: Huw Jones, Head of Democratic Services

Tel: 01248 752108

Useful information

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