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Day 18: Making sure you get what you pay for

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Have a cosy Christmas and get the heat you pay for.

There are legal controls concerning the selling and delivery of oil (which may be diesel, kerosene and paraffin), butane and propane gas. Oil and gas must be accurately measured or weighed, and a ticket given to the customer indicating the quantity delivered. Coal must be sold by net weight.

Central heating oil, derv (diesel) and paraffin in bulk are measured by the litre through a calibrated meter on a bulk fuel road tanker.

Bulk propane - or Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) as it is also known - is measured by the litre and, like heating oil, if destined for domestic use is delivered by road tanker. The meter used to measure the fuel, as it goes from tanker to storage tank, is periodically calibrated and sealed to prevent unauthorised access. Each meter is fitted with a ticket printer. Some meters are fitted with electronic meter heads and the printer for this system may be located in the driver’s cab.

Bottled gas is sold by reference to the net weight of the contents (in kilograms), which should be clearly marked on the cylinder (which should also say ‘butane’ or ‘propane’).

Coal when prepacked must be marked with the net weight, or if delivered in open sacks, each sack must contain 25 kgs.

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